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2024 Oregon Coast Workshops - Quick update - Full List Coming Soon!

With 2023 on the downhill side, it's time to start thinking about the 2024 season and what kind of workshops I want to offer...

Each workshop will continue to offer guiding, in field instruction, post processing videos (updates where available for 2024) and unlimited support after the workshops. I don't like to see people getting stuck in their journey so I make it a point to offer any support you need after the workshop for as long as you need it. I do this via email or zoom sessions at no additional charge to you.

The 2024 season will bring to you the same great places we have been shooting for the last several years during the workshop but this time with a slight twist... Most of the workshops will be geared around lower tides at sunrise and sunset. A couple workshops will also coincide with a new moon which means that if it's clear out we can take advantage of some night photography along the coast. This is a great opportunity to learn blending to create real & natural scenes.

Another of the workshop will be aligning with some low tides and a Full Super Moon which could be fun.. I love seeing the Moon set over the Pacific Ocean early in the morning near's one of the greatest things to see in my opinion. Fun to learn to capture and expand your photography knowledge. The image below was shot at 38mm for moon size reference.

I'm also going to schedule a workshop in the fall that will get you to Thor's Well for sunrise or sunset action! This is always a fun highlight of my Yachats workshops. Just see this amazing feature in action is worth it...learning how to capture it is priceless... I've been photographing Thor's Well now for almost 20 years...and timing is key... You don't want to go when the water is too low and you don't want to go when the water is too high... I pick the best dates for the best possible times to give you the best opportunity to get the best shots....

Thor's Well can have a mind all it's own and that's why timing is crucial... the weather can also play a big part. Sometimes what we can't see can really have an impact on what we are shooting... Sometimes there are storms off in the Pacific that are churning up the ocean for us even though it's a really nice calm day at the coast...

Low tides can provide great opportunities to access places and vantage points that may only happen a few times a year. This sea cave (below) is one of them and it's a place we can visit on my July workshop. It's such a fun place to see and experience.

We'll use some of the unique opportunities to compliment your photography. It could be close up/macro or wider angle landscapes with great foregrounds. You'll learn the tips and tricks needed to capture and process your image images so that you come away with some wall hangers and more importantly, knowledge for your next outing.

I will also be holding workshops in Bandon again next year... roughly looking at potentially 3 Bandon workshops in 2024 - There is never a shortage of places to shoot in Bandon.

What will you learn on these workshops? In my videos I go over many different techniques and processes, some of which you may really enjoy and others may not be for you... That's ok. Here are some of the topics we cover -

  • Capture

  • Camera Settings (Exposure Triangle)

  • Shooting Sequences

  • Understanding your Histogram

  • Single Exposures (ETTR)

  • Blending (basic and advanced)

  • Focus Stacking

  • HDR - High Dynamic Range (when it applies)

  • Post processing through many different videos with sample images.

You can read more about the processes I use and teach here - Photography Real Talk Part 1

Each processing video is a topic of it's's not 10 different things in one video. This allows you to learn at your pace and only focus on one subject at time. There are videos for beginners to advance. With the ongoing support after the workshops even if you start as a beginner you can progress quickly if you wish.

If you'd like to add your name to the list to be notified first, please simply fill out the contact form and mention OC2024.

2024 will be an exciting year and I am looking forward to helping you take your photography to the next level.

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