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Yachats Oregon 2024 - Guided Photography Tour/Workshop/Intensive.

Updated: Feb 5

Investment - $2195 Single / $1895 if 2 people share a room

This includes your oceanfront room at the Overleaf Lodge & Spa for 3 nights / 4 days. Full Payment secures your spot.

Group Size 3 people minimum, 6 people maximum

Yachats, Oregon 3 Days - Oct 23rd - 26th 2024

5 Spots Left

(Thor's Well in the morning near sunrise/early morning light)

If skies are clear there will be opportunity to shoot Milky Way right after sunset

Hotel Check in on the 23rd followed by meet and greet and sunset shoot

Sunrise and Sunset on the 24th & 25th

Sunrise on the 26th, breakfast then checkout

Sunrise 7:41am - Sunset 6:21pm

The amazing Overleaf Lodge will be your home for 4 days & 3 nights during the workshop. Located right at the oceans edge in Yachats, Oregon, this will be our home base while we explore the coastal wonders of the Central Oregon Coast.

This workshop is intended for both beginner and intermediate photographers who want to take their coastal landscapes to the next level. This isn't a fair weather event. The Oregon Coast can be very moody and wet at times. Generally speaking the Central and Southern Oregon coast have less rain than the northern part of the state. Because there are many types of images to be had, we only don't shoot if it's just a massive storm or constant heavy rain. In that event we will spend some time in the beautiful lobby working on images and answering questions.

Right outside the doors of the Overleaf Lodge are breathtaking scenes like this. The rocky shoreline offers a chance to catch water as it crashes into the rocks. You will learn how to capture the best shot as the water is always moving. My tried and true technique will give you plenty of images to choose from and many memories to remember your trip.

My goal is to always put you in the best spots for best images based on the conditions we are working with. Because I personally shoot in all kinds of weather I can help guide you and show you potential images and compositions to help you out. I keep the group size small so that each person can have as much attention and help as needed. We generally work in areas where we can spread out and not be right on top of each other. This is one of the beautiful things about the Oregon Coast for landscape photography.

Each of the 2 Yachats workshops will take advantage of Thor's Well at different times. Please see the descriptions up top. One workshop will shoot Thor's Well in the morning near sunrise and the other will shoot in the afternoon light. Because the weather is always a determining factor I don't think there is is a right or wrong time to shoot it. The tide just has to be right.

One of the lesser known beaches we will visit offers a great open area to shoot as the waves crash over the rocks. There is potential to shoot from the beach as well as up on the rocks looking down the shoreline. This beach offers dramatic views along the coast where the sea stacks shoot up from the beach.

Who - Darren White - I have been photographing the Oregon Coast for over 30 years. I was born and raised on the North Oregon Coast in Tillamook and have a deep love and respect for the Ocean. I've been leading workshops for over 15 years in various locations and while I do love the places I get to visit and teach, Oregon is my home and Oregon is where my heart is. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share my knowledge and love for the Oregon Coast with you as we work together to create images that will last for lifetimes to come.

What - Oregon Coast guided photography workshop. Put yourself in the middle of the Oregon Coast and feel the waves pound against the sharp rocks as the sounds of seagulls fly overhead all while shooting beautiful images. Darren's knowledge of the area will make sure you are in the best spot at the best time. By keeping the group small Darren can focus his attention on you to make sure all your questions are answered and you get lots of great shots.

Where - The amazing Overleaf Lodge and Spa in Yachats Oregon. 280 Overleaf Lodge Ln, Yachats, Oregon 97498

Why - To learn how to take more than just a snapshot. Learn how to create moving images that will spark a sense of emotion in the viewer. I will teach you how I capture the movement of the water at just the right time. How shutter speed can have a profound effect on the end result of your images. You will learn my post processing techniques via Zoom videos (pre recorded). Once you have taken a workshop with me you have unlimited access to my knowledge about anything related to photography. You will also get several ongoing videos as they are made.

What will you learn - Including but not limited to, proper exposure, shutter speeds, composition and why one is better than the other. You'll learn long exposures, how to shoot on manual mode, focus stacking (how do you focus stack with moving water) it can be done. Post processing via ongoing video tutorials and free zoom sessions (no limit)...If you have questions, I'll zoom with you and answer them and show you how. You'll learn how to blend, exposure blending, how to create realistic HDR images that don't look like HDR and much more.

Locations - Yachats is a target rich environment for landscape photography. Places I like to bring groups on these workshops - Yachats State Park, Seal Rocks, Thor's Well & the whole Cape Perpetua area (so much to shoot here) Neptune Beach, Heceta Head Lighthouse and the area right out in front of our gorgeous Oceanfront rooms at the Overleaf Lodge and Spa

What's included - 3 nights / 4 days at the Overleaf Lodge and Spa in a gorgeous oceanfront room (see very top photo) All rooms have amazing ocean views. Breakfast is also included. This is one of the best hotel breakfasts I've ever had. You can view the breakfast details here Breakfast In field guiding and instruction. Unlimited and ongoing support from me when you need it via Zoom or email or phone calls. Why is this important? Most people get home from a workshop and they get back into their daily lives and don't retain all the info they learned. By offering continued support, ongoing training videos and unlimited Zoom sessions I have found that this works best for everyones schedules.

What's not included - Airfare, Rental Car, Travel insurance, meals, spa treatments, camera gear, camera insurance (highly recommended).

How do I get there - You can fly into Portland International Airport (3 hr drive to Yachats) or Eugene Airport (2 hour drive)

What do I need to bring?

  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

  • Wide angle lens in the 14mm-24mm range

  • Normal lens in the 35mm-50mm range

  • Telephoto lens in the 70mm-200/300mm range

  • 3-6 stop ND filter for your lenses - not required but recommended

  • Basic Cable release - not required but recommended

  • Sturdy Tripod

  • Extra memory

  • Extra batteries

  • laptop - not required but helpful if you want to edit and get help

  • positive attitude with a willingness to learn

  • smile - We love seeing people smile.

  • Rain gear - waterproof boots or waders

  • towel to help keep camera dry from rain or ocean mist

  • lens cloths to keep your lens free of mist and small water drops

What type of weather can I expect - nothing promised.

  • Sun

  • Rain

  • Storms

  • Rainbows

The Oregon Coast can always make us guess on the weather. I will watch closely to make sure we are in the best spots possible. We will shoot in most conditions unless it's just too wet. When this happens we like to meet back in the nice warm lobby and do some processing on images we have or I can teach you various processing techniques and answer questions.

The workshop isn't a bootcamp and it's intended to be fun and allow you some free time during the day to enjoy at your own pace. While we strive for sunrise and sunset there also may be some shooting during the day when the tide is at a good level.

Terms and Conditions

This workshop is intended and designed to help you create better photos, enjoy

nature and the beauty of the Oregon Coast. Due to the terrain we will be shooting from you agree that by attending this workshop that you are in good physical shape, can stand, walk and move quickly on uneven ground. You will never be forced to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing and while generally we are on good solid ground, you understand that ocean can be unpredictable and anything can happen at anytime. Darren White and Darren White Photography are not responsible for any losses you may incur while attending the workshop. Any place you decided to shoot from you do so at your own risk. Travel and Camera insurance highly recommended.

Cancellation Policy

Full payment secures your spot - If you cancel 90 days before you will be granted a full refund, 45-89 days before the workshop 75% refund or credit, 31-44 days before the workshop a 50% refund and 0-30 days before the workshop no refund will be given. I highly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance to help cover any losses that may occur if you cannot attend the workshop.

People love this workshop for a number of reasons

  • Lodging is included & Breakfast

  • Oceanfront views, Beach just outside your door

  • You learn a lot, come home with great images

  • Bring your spouse or partner and enjoy the coast when we are not shooting.

  • Make new friends during the workshop

  • Small Group Size

If you are a little adventurous like me and don't require much sleep for a few days then I've got one more thing to let you in on.. The October workshop is scheduled during a half moon phase. This means that there will be no moonlight after sunset until about 1am and if the sky is clear we can also photograph the night sky. We will have the Milky Way setting over the ocean as soon as it's dark. As a night photography instructor as well this is a little added bonus. Not required by any means, but available on the clear nights if you wish to join. I love to help people learn about shooting at night too.

How do I sign up?

Simply click the "Request Invoice" button

and let me know which set of dates you'd like to book.

Darren is a licensed Guide/Outfitter through the Oregon State Marine Board

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