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As an Oregon native, the land and sea run deep in Darren's blood as seen through his photography of the coastal areas. Darren doesn't limit himself to coastal areas. Through Darren's work you'll experience the world as he sees it. Capturing moments as they're seen in all the various elements. 

Darren grew up in Oregon until 1999 when he moved to Portland and fell in love with the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and the Columbia River Gorge. Spending many years in the lush green wilderness of the northwest, Darren was able to really increase his portfolio of nature images quite a bit. In July of 2013 Darren moved to the ultra scenic state of Colorado. Known for its amazing mountains and National Parks, Darren was surrounded by so many new areas to photograph. 

As a photography instructor, Darren started working with groups of students in various national parks and public lands teaching photography and Night Photography. Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas have some super dark skies which Darren loves to take advantage of. His commitment to high quality photography is second to none, rest assured your prints will be beautiful in color and details. 

Throughout the years Darren has built wonderful working relationships with various companies who have used his work in all kinds of settings. From magazines/book publications, corporate offices, interior design, calendars, websites, trade show backdrops and product marketing, his work has been used pretty much everywhere landscapes/nightscapes are needed. 

Darren's core values run deep in his family - Treat people with respect, give them a high quality product at a fair price....basically the same way he wants to be treated. This has been his way of doing things for over 30 years. 

A short list of where Darren's work has been used - 

Microsoft, Samsung, Popular Photography Magazine, Outdoor Photography Magazine, Columbia River Gorge Magazine, Craft Beer Alliance, PS Art Consulting, Snyder and Co, ENT Credit Union and many more. 

When Darren is not traveling/photographing you can find him enjoying walks around his neighborhood with his dog, playing racquetball, lifting weights and scouting out new locations to shoot. Darren enjoys hiking, trail running and pretty much any outdoor activity. 

Darren currently resides in Littleton, Colorado with his family and their dog Coco.

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