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About the Images

Each of the images you see here on this site was shot with a high resolution camera. Over the years I have shot with Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras as well as a variety of lenses.  Most all the images you will see in these galleries were shot with a combo of Nikon or Sony cameras and Sigma lenses. I've been using Sigma Art series lenses for many years now and feel they give me the highest quality image possible for my style of photography. 

As you view the photos, please note that each of the images has been optimized for web viewing. These are not full size images.

Sized to fit the design of the webpages so they appear clear and clean when viewed on various devices. 


When you inquire about an image i'll be happy to send you a portion of the image at full resolution so you can see for yourself the quality you will see in the finished print.  

Before every image is printed I personally double and triple check for anything that could cause an issue with the final print. Depending on the type of print i.e photographic, metal, canvas or acrylic, each image is optimized to provide the highest quality print possible so that you are 100% happy with your new art. 

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