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Dancing northern lights over this old church in far north Montana. Building began in 1915 and the doors to the church finally opened in 1918. The services were short lived due to WWI and a drought. Farmers didn't have much choice but to set off in search of better farm land. 

Side note - the afternoon I was here I had a chance to speak with a rancher from the area. He told me who owned the property and that a couple from Billings, Montana had came to inquire about it. They wanted to tear it down and move it to their property and re build it. The owner told them that the church would stay right where it was until it falls.    

Each canvas comes ready to hang with a fully enclosed back, fully supported face (to eliminate sagging over time) and a UV acrylic protective coating to keep your canvas looking new for life. 

God's Light - Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wrap Print

PriceFrom $114.00
  • All canvas come with a lifetime warranty in craftsmanship. Should there ever be an issue with your canvas, contact me directly to get a replacement. Due to all the various devices we use to view images, colors differ ever so slightly. We do everything we can to make sure the images look as good as possible before shipping. All products are made in the USA.

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